Dr. Guang-Hwa "Andy" Chang YOUNGSTOWN STATE UNIVERSITY Department of Mathematics and Statistics MATH 781H, Biostatistics, Course Code: 2207, Spring 1997 Instructor: Dr. Guang-Hwa A. Chang Office: 1032 Cushwa Hall Phone Number: (330) 742-1818 E-mail: chang@math.ysu.edu Web page: http://www.cc.ysu.edu/~ghchang/ Office hours: 10:50 a.m. - 12:10 p.m., MTWF or by appointment. Text: Biostatistics by Wayne W. Daniel, 6th ed., John & Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1995. Material to be covered: See additional sheet. Grading Policy: Two tests (each 20%) ---------------- 40% Homework ---------------------------- 10% Pop quizzes ---------------------------- 10% Term Project -------------------------- 10% Final Exam (comprehensive) ----- 30% Total ------------------------------------- 100% Final Grade: 90% to 100% ( A 80% to below 90% ( at least a B 70% to below 80% ( at least a C 60% to below 70% ( at least a D below 60% ( at most a D Make-up policy: Make-up tests will only be given to student who misses a test due to an extreme emergency and has notified the instructor within 24 hours after the exam, or a sufficient time period before the exam. The student will be expected to provide verification, such as signed statement and phone number, to verify the reason for his or her absence from the exam. No make-up quizzes will be given. Homework and projects: Homework will be assigned and collected. "Study group" is strongly encouraged. However, each student must hand in their own write-up. Please "do not copy". If you are having trouble, please see me right away. A notebook should be maintained which contains all homework exercises, properly annotated. I recommend that you work on the homework corresponding to the latest lecture as soon as it is assigned. Some homework projects will require the use of computer software SPSS or Maple V. You need to prepare a 3 1/2( disk formatted for IBM or compatiables. Attendance: It is expected that you will make every possible effort to attend all classes. In boarder line situations, class attendance may affect a student's grade. Although I feel that it is essential for you to attend class, no direct punishment will be assessed to your final grade if you choose not to attend class. Students who missed class are responsible for finding out any pertinent information concerning the course from the instructor. Term Project (Team Project): The term project should be done by a team of at most 3 students. The term project will be graded by the following criteria: a. soundness of methodology 30% b. appropriateness of analysis 30% c. effectiveness of communication 40% Recommendations: Successful students have found that the subject demands frequent intensive study with lots of problem solving. Participating in group discussions is always helpful to yourself and others in learning. If you have any special problem or learning difficulties, please see me immediately. A scientific hand calculator that has the mean and standard deviation functions maybe needed. Tentative schedule of tests: Test I: Monday, April 21. Test II: Monday, May 19. Final: Wednesday, June 11, 8:00-10:00

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