Direction for Projects on Consumer Finances


The following is a link to the Survey of Consumer Finances web page which is maintained by The Federal Reserve Board disseminating the survey results and the reports on their surveys.


Review of Research Articles


In the Survey of Consumer Finances webpage, it contains information about the survey and lots of other information related to this survey. From the SCF working papers and bibliography link in this page, you may find many articles written based on the survey data provided in this web site. Please glance through these papers and identify at least 3 articles that you find interesting and have the desire to conduct research related to one or all of the articles using the most current data from this web site. You are strongly encouraged to go outsides of this page to look for articles. OhioLink is one great place to search for more articles. You may use or other search engine to find articles. For those who are interesting in Actuarial Science can use the key words such as Pension, Insurance, and so on to identify and search for research papers.


Preparing Data


One major component in a statistical analysis project is getting data ready. Please read the instruction in the web site about the Survey of Consumer Finances to understand how the data was collected and prepared by The Federal Reserve Board and prepare a data file that is ready to analyze for the topic that you choose for your project. You will need to write a section in your project report detailed information about the data collection process, and the way you retrieve the data and prepare it for the analysis.


Data Analysis


Once you have selected the articles containing topics that you would like to work on, schedule an appointment with me to discuss on these topics and your proposal. Dr. Yijia Lin from the Department of Accounting and Finance of YSU will be your co-advisor on this research project. We will work together to finalize your project direction. If your topic is interesting and deserves to be reviewed by the professionals we will encourage you to submit the results to professional journal for publication.


Paper Writing


The format of your capstone project paper is described in the following document. Please download a copy and use it as a template or example. It is a WORD document. It is alright to use a different word processor as long as you follow the suggested format. Of course, you can certainly improve the format that is suggested in this document. However, be sure to let me know about your improved version so that I would know whether it is an acceptable format. 

The format document: