Project: Bottling Plans Analysis


Data: bottling.sav or bottling_cat.sav (choose either one of the files)


A quality inspector is to investigate the performance of two cola bottling plants (plant A & plant B). Each of the bottling plants was asked to take a random sample of 50 bottles for inspection. The actual amount of cola in each of the 2-liter samples bottle was measured and recorded in the following SPSS data file. The company wishes that these bottling plants can operate in a way that is cost effective and also fulfill the goal of customer satisfaction in terms of having enough (at least 2 liters) cola in the bottle. Each of the bottles can contain at most 2.5 liter of cola, if there is any data value higher than 2.5 should be considered as error and such a data value should not be considered in the study.


Write a report about your analysis on the data observed from these bottling plants. In your report,

1)      you need to present statistical charts of your choice and descriptive measures of your choice.

2)      You must comment on the performance of these two bottling plants in terms of the amount of cola in the bottles, and make recommendations for improvements.

3)      If you are to choose one of the plants for major quality investigation and improvement or to close, which plant should you chose?

(Be sure to have your name on top of the paper. Your paper will be graded based on the accuracy, organization, and professionalism. Each chart and table should be properly labeled with title. You may follow the labeling format as those charts and tables in the textbook.)