Testing Hypothesis Related to One Population Mean


Data: GSS93_Sub15.sav   (http://people.ysu.edu/~gchang/stat/GSS93_Sub15.sav)

(Download the data above for the following exercise.)


A researcher is interested in knowing whether the average age when first married in US during 1993 was less than 26 or not. The data about is a random sample of 15 subjects from US in 1993.


Perform a hypothesis testing procedure to test whether the average age when first married is less than 26 years old or not, at 5% level of significance. Use MS-WORD to write a summary for your analysis and include SPSS tables or charts that are useful in supporting and interpreting your result. You must check necessary assumptions. You must indicate p-value, test statistic value, and whether it is a one-sided or two-sided test.


Also, use a nonparametric binomial test to perform the test. Report the p-value and interpret the result.