Testing Hypothesis Related to One Population Mean


Data:   5.8,  5.6,  4.5,  3.7,  4.8,  5.2,  5.4,  6.9,  7.7,  6.6,  5.4,  8.1, 


A researcher is interested in knowing whether the average weight for a certain specie of cat when they are at the age of 3 is significantly greater than 5 pounds or not. The data above is weight measurements, in pounds, from a representative random sample (this type of cat at 3 years of age) selected from US in 2002 for this research.


Perform a hypothesis testing procedure to test whether the average weight for this kind of cat at the age of 3 is greater than 5 pounds or not, at 5% level of significance using SPSS. Use MS-WORD to write a summary for your analysis and include SPSS tables or charts that are useful in supporting and interpreting your result. Since the sample size is small, you must check the normality assumption using Shapiro-Wilk normality test and report p-value. You must indicate p-value, test statistic value, and whether it is a one-sided or two-sided test, and also report the 95% confidence interval estimate for the mean. You must show at least one table and at least one graph in your report. The table in your report must be self-generated and not directly copy from SPSS. Chart and table must be properly numbered and labeled although there is only one for each type. Write this report as if you are writing it to report to your customer who knows a little bit of statistics.