Wine Consumption and Heart Disease


The data is reg_wineconsump.sav are the average wine consumption rates (in liters per person) and number of ischemic heart disease deaths (per 1,000 men aged 55 to 64 year old) from a sample of industrialized countries. Use MS-Word to prepare this report and show SPSS output tables in your report to support your answers.


Use the data above to answer the following questions:

(For answering the following questions, if you found a non-linear pattern from scatter plot, you must linearize the data.)


1.     Do the data suggest that there is linear correlation between the heart disease death rate and the average wine consumption?




  1. If there is linear correlation, describe the correlation (positive or negative, significant or not significant), and model the linear relation with a linear regression model for predicting heart disease death rates. Write a statistical report to summarize your findings in this analysis and include a scatter plot and SPSS output table for coefficient estimates.




  1. [Prediction] Predict the average heart disease mortality for countries (not the mortality for an individual country) that have an average wine consumption of 6.5 liters per person per year using a 95% confidence interval. Present the 95% confidence interval for the estimation, and describe whether the model assumptions are valid or not.