Summer STAT 3717/3743 Lectures Videos





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Week 1

Descriptive Statistics (Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4)





Download Lecture Notes - Introduction, Statistical Charts & Tables





[Video] Basis Terms, Summary Tables & Graphs (from slide 10) [59:17]





[Video] Bivariate Analysis & Others [30:26]





 Download Lecture Notes - Descriptive Measures (Class Lecture Note with additional Material)





[Video] Descriptive Measures [44:57]





[Video] More on Measure of Center/Spread Boxplot [43:34]









Week 2

Probability (Chapter 6)





Download Lecture Notes - Intro. to Probability





[Video] Basic Probability Concepts [48:30]




[Video] Properties of Probability [52:47]



[Video] Methods of Enumeration [44:03]




[Video] Conditional Probability [44:40]




[Video] Bayes Theorem [44:10]








Exam 1 Practice Problems (Answers)









Probability (Chapter 7)





Download Lecture Note - Discrete Distribution-1





[Video] Discrete Random Variable [45:36]





[Video] Mathematical Expectation [48:02]





[Video] Mean and Variance of Discrete Random Variable [44:27]










Download Lecture Notes - Discrete Distributions





[Video] Discrete Random Variable and Probability Distributions (7:03)





[Video] Bernoulli Distribution (2:57)





[Video] Definition of Binomial Experiment (2:31)





[Video] Binomial Distribution Model (3:14)





[Video] More Examples on Binomial Probability (4:56)





[Video] Definition of Poisson Model (3:13)





[Video] Examples of Poisson Probability (5:25)










Additional Lectures for STAT 3743: More on Distributions and Estimation

Download Lecture Notes - Discrete Distribution-2





[Video] Bernoulli and Binomial Distribution [44:21]





[Video] Moment Generating Function [55:39]





[Video] Negative Binomial, Geometric, and Poisson Distribution [45:04]











Download Lecture Notes - Review Exercise

[Video] Review Exercise & Answers [41:38]


















Week 3

A Continuous Distribution - Normal Distribution (7.6 and  Chapter 8)





Download Lecture Note - Normal Distribution





[Video] Normal Distribution 1 [18:53]





[Video] Normal Distribution 2 [46:20]





[Video] Probability Distribution of Sample Statistics [43:44]





[Video] Sampling Distribution of Mean and Normal Approximation to Binomial Distribution [18:41]










Download Lecture Note - Confidence Interval Estimation (Chapter 9)





[Video] Introduction to Confidence Interval Estimation [26:04] 





[Video] Confidence Interval for a mean (z) [46:56]





[Video] Confidence Interval Estimate for a mean(t)/Confidence Interval for a Proportion [47:33]









Exam 2 Practice Problems (Answers)





More Practice Problems (Answers)





Additional Lectures for STAT 3743:  Download Lecture Notes - Continuous Distribution

[Video] Continuous Distributions [41:18]

[Video] More on Continuous Distributions [46:50]

[Video] Uniform, Exponential and Gamma Distributions  [43:41]

[Video] Inverse CDF Method and Random Number Generation  [17:14]


Practice Problem









Week 4

Hypothesis Testing for the Mean of a Population (Chapter 10)





Download Lecture Notes - Hypothesis Testing





[Video] Concepts of Hypothesis Testing and z-Test (53:18)





[Video] One Sample t-Test for a Population Mean (34:19)


Download Lecture Notes - Sample Size Determination





[Video] Sample Size in Testing for a Population Mean (5:15)









Comparing Two Means and Inference on Proportions (Chapter 11)





Download Lecture Notes - Comparison of Two Means (11.1 – 11.2)





[Video] Paired Sample t-test (8:27)





[Video] Two Independent Samples t-test (41:00)





[Video] Confidence Interval Estimation of Difference Between Two Means (5:49)










Download Lecture Notes - Confidence Interval Estimation for Variances

[Video] Confidence Interval Estimation for Variances (44:07) [optional]










Inference on Proportions





Download Lecture Notes - Inference on Proportions (9.2, 11.3)





[Video] Inference on Proportions (26:26)









Week 5:

Contingency Tables and Multiple 2x2 Contingency Tables (Chapter 12)





Download Lecture Notes for Goodness of Fit (12.1)

Download Lecture Notes for Contingency Table (12.2)





[Video] Goodness of Fit Test/Chi-square test of Independence (44:51)





Download Lecture Notes for - Contingency Tables Analysis





[Video] Chi-square test for Independence of Homogeneity (20:42)





[Video] An Example of Chi-square Test for Independence (8:30) 





[Video] More on Contingency Table Analysis (44:51) [optional]





[Video] Example of Mantel-Haenszel Method (3:58) [optional]










Linear Correlation and Regression (Chapters 5 and 13)





Download Lecture Notes - Correlation and Regression





[Video] Correlation and Simple Linear Regression (48:24)





[Video] Continue on Simple Linear Regression (49:45)




















Week 6:

Additional Material for STAT 3717: Multiple Regression





Download Lecture Notes for chapter - Multiple Regression (Chapter 14)

[Video] Multiple Regression (48:03)










Additional Material for STAT 3717: Analysis of Variance





Download Lecture Notes - Analysis of Variance (Chapter 15)





[Video] Analysis of Variance (42:59)










Additional Material for STAT 3717: Nonparametric Methods

Download Lecture Notes - Nonparametric Methods (Chapter 16)





[Video] Nonparametric Methods (47:31)



















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