Probability & Statistics Course Materials

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Semester Lecture Videos & Notes             Summer Lecture Notes and Videos








Introduction and Descriptive Charts




Exercise 1: Organize and Display Data








Geyser Data Sheet











Assignment 1: Practice the R commands in section 2 of Introduction to Basic R & R Commands and show the R commands and the answers to questions in the last section of the document.








More R Examples




Getting Started With R Commander by John Fox




R Commander Instructions











Descriptive Measures




Exercise 2: Boxplot (MS-Word version)




Assignment 2: Create Data and Produce Descriptive Statistics Using R








R Instructions:















Exercise 3.1: Venn Diagram




Exercise 3.2: Counting Techniques

Exercise 3.3: General Addition Rule








Assignment 3: Descriptive Statistics














Exercise 4: Bayes Theorem








Review problems Set 1 




- Answers to Review Problems





Additional Problems with Answers










Assignment 4: Process Quality Comparison




- Assignment format and the use of MS-Word Equation Editor















Discrete Distribution




Exercise 5: Probability Mass Function and Mathematical Expectation















Discrete Distribution




Exercise 6: Discrete Distributions




Assignment 5: Discrete Probability with R











Continuous Distribution




Exercise 7: Continuous Distributions












Review Problems Set 2




- Answers to Review Problems








Normal Distribution




Exercise 8: Normal Distribution




Assignment 6: Continuous Distribution with R








Assignment: Simulation for Central Limit Theorem














Exercise 9: Confidence Interval Estimation








Assignment 7a: Confidence Interval Estimation

Assignment 7b: Confidence Interval Estimation One Mean and One Proportion














Test of Hypothesis




Exercise 10: More on Confidence Interval Estimation








Assignment 8a: More on Confidence Interval Estimation

Assignment 8b: Testing Hypothesis for One Mean (Google Survey)














Assignment 9a: Test Hypothesis for Difference Between Two means






Review Problems Set 3




- Answers to Review Problems














Exercise 11: Test of Statistical Hypotheses

Exercise 11: Inference for One Proportion








Assignment 9b: Test of Statistical Hypotheses





More Example Problems







Test of Hypothesis: Linear Regression




Assignment 10a: BMI and AHEPW

Assignment 10b: Systems Calibration and Estimation




Assignment 10c: Systems Calibration and Comparison

Assignment 10d: Old Faithful data















Quality Control and Review




R for Quality Control Charting and Statistical Process Control












Assignment QC: Quality Control and Capability Analysis