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Week 7 (2/23 to /3/1)

The focus of this week is on Chapter 6: Normal Distribution. The goals are to learn some basic concepts of a Normal Distribution which is the distribution that is often referred as bell-shaped curve. In this chapter, you will learn the properties in modeling a continuous distribution, and especially the normal distribution and its applications. You will learn how to use the normal distribution table to solve probability or distribution problems related to the normal distribution. You will learn a very useful theorem in probability and statistics that is the Central Limit Theorem and its application on modeling the sampling variability of the descriptive measure sample mean.


To Do List:

1. Read all the sections in chapter 6.

2. Download lecture notes and view recorded lecture for chapter 6 (V.26 through V. 30). (The lecture notes are on the right next to video links in the lecture video web page.)

3. Try the review exercise problems from all sections for chapter 6 and try the Chapter Quiz in the textbook.


Assignments: (For details click on the following underscored links.)

1. Start CONNECT Homework 6. [Due Wednesday of Week 8]

2. Submit the Assignment 3 [Due Wednesday of Week 7].


Exam 1 will be a two-hour timed exam at YSU in next week. The exam time and location will be arranged. If you can not take the exam at YSU you must arrange a proctor by yourself. The proctor has to be a college professor in a 4-year college. Please contact instructor to get a proctor form for taking your exam at other location.






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