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Week 2 (1/19 to 1/25)

The focus of this week is on Chapter 2: Frequency Distributions and Graphs. The goals are to review and learn some basic techniques for organizing and displaying univariate and bivariate data. This is usually the first step of the data analysis. These techniques will also help us to identify outliers and errors in the data before we analyze the data to draw important conclusion from the data. You will learn making frequency and relative frequency distribution table, bar chart (including cluster bar chart in the lecture video), pie chart, histogram, ogive, stemplot, pareto charts, scatter plot, and timeplot.


Note: The histogram shown in the lecture video is slightly different from the textbook. However, the concepts are the same.


To Do List:

1. Read all the sections in chapter 2.

2. Download lecture notes and view recorded lecture for chapter 2 (V.4 and V.5). (The lecture notes are on the right next to video links in the lecture video web page.)

3. Try the Chapter Quiz and Exercise in the textbook.

4. Start trying to create SPSS data file and make graphs. Use the text and video instructions in SPSS References page to learn the basic SPSS functions.


Assignments: (For details click on the following underscored links.)

1. Do Assignment 2 (see link to Assignment 2 in Home page). [Due Wednesday of Week 4] (Turn is scanned file(s) or digital photo file(s) through Blackboard Assignment Dropbox. You can mail it or fax it or turn it in to my office at YSU.) Whenever you have trouble doing some of the problems, besides checking the book, video or instructor. You can always search on the Internet. For instance, I’d like to find out how to make a scatter plot. I can search on the net using hand draw scatter plot as the key words. I actually found the following Youtube video:

2. Do CONNECT Homework 2. [Due Wednesday of Week 5]

3. Start Part 1 of Assignment 3 (see Home page) [Due Wednesday of Week 7] using SPSS or any statistical software of your choice. To do this assignment, you need to have a statistical software installed on your computer. If you do not have SPSS at home, SPSS is also available at Math computer lab in Lincoln Hall and Computer Lab in Cushwa. You may also lease a license from website . You can also choose to use EXCEL or R to do the assignment.


About SPSS

For learning how to create SPSS data file, please view the videos in the "Data File Creation and Data Processing" section of the Teach yourself SPSS page. The web address is:


About R and R Commander

For learning how to create R data file using R Commander, please view the videos in the "Data Processing" section of the R and R Commander Instructions page. The web address is: . R Commander data editor is a bit awkward to work with sometimes. I often recommend students to create a data file using EXCEL and then import it into R Commander.






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