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Week 14 (4/20 to 4/26)

The focus of this week is to complete all the scheduled reading and assignments and start working on the term paper. The term project paper will give you a hands-on experience in statistical data analysis. The Term Project description is available in the Home page since the beginning of the semester.


To assist you in doing the project paper, I have made two project examples for you to follow. Please see the term project description for these two examples. You can just follow either one of the two ideas for your term project paper. However, I prefer that you create your own project idea. Paper using your own idea is likely to get a better grade.


Please try to following the suggestions (steps or sections) in either one of the two project examples to work on your project. There is no limitation on the length of the term paper. Three to five pages of writing including the statistical tables and charts would be enough. Please feel free to consult with me on any questions about the project.


To Do List:

1. Continue to complete the rest of the assignments.

2. Start your term project paper.


Assignments: (For details click on the following underscored links.)

1. Complete CONNECT Homework 10. [Due Wednesday of Week 14]

2. Continue on Assignment 5: Correlation. [Due Monday of Week 15  through Blackboard Assignment Dropbox] Feel free to contact me if you have questions in understanding how to do the chi-square test or test for zero correlation. Please view SPSS video instructions  or R Commander Instructions to learn how to use the software to compute and test for the chi-square tests.

3. Term Project (See description in Home page) [due on Monday, Final Exam Week, through Blackboard Assignment Dropbox.]

4. The Final Exam will be a proctored exam. You must come to YSU to take the exam. The exam location is at Lincoln Building.


About Exam 2


It will be a two-hour timed exam. After you started the exam, you will need to turn in your exam within two hours to earn the credit.


Format: The coverage of the exam will include materials covered in Exam 1 except for chapters 4 and 5 plus chapter 7 (exclude 7.4), chapter 8 (exclude 8.5), chapter 9 (9.3 paired sample t-test), chapters 10 (10.1-3) and chapter 11 (11.3). This includes all topics covered in the lecture notes, lecture videos, and textbook. You can use your formula sheet from the textbook just like Exam 1. Be sure to have your z-, t–, and  chi-square tables ready. During the exam, you will be allowed to use EXCEL, R, or SPSS software for computation. Please bring your laptop with the software installed if you wish to use these software.

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