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Week 8 (3/2 to 3/8)

The focus of this week is on Chapter 7: Confidence Intervals and Sample Size . The goals are to learn the basic concepts of statistical estimation with special focus on estimating the mean of a population or a distribution. This week, you will study sections 1 and 2 (if time permit, 3 and 4) in this chapter. You will learn how to do statistical estimation using a confidence interval. The estimation method in section 2 is for large sample situation (usually when sample size is larger than 30) and you will need the standard normal table to help you in the computation. For a smaller sample and other situations see later sections.


To Do List:

1. Read sections 1, 2, 3 and 4 in chapter 7.

2. Download lecture notes and view recorded lecture for chapter 7 (V.31 and V. 32). (The lecture notes are on the right next to video links in the lecture video web page.)

3. Try the review exercise problems for sections 1 and 2 (3 and 4 if possible) for chapter 7.

4. If you fall behind the study schedule, you should use this week and next week to catch up.


Assignments: (For details click on the following underscored links.)

1. Complete CONNECT Homework 4, 5, and 6.

2. Start CONNECT Homework 7. [Due Wednesday of Week 12]

3. You may start Assignment 4 on confidence interval estimation using SPSS.


About Exam 1


Schedule: Exam 1 will be a two-hour timed exam at YSU this week. The time and location will be announced. If you can not take the exam at the scheduled time at YSU you must contact the instructor to rearrange a time, or arrange a proctor by yourself to take the exam at other location. The proctor has to be a college professor in a 4-year college. Please contact instructor to get a proctor form for taking your exam at other location.


Format: The exam will be similar to the CONNECT homework assignments. The coverage of the exam will be from chapter 1 to chapter 6, it includes all topics covered in the lecture notes, lecture videos, and textbook.


What to bring:  You can use pen, scrap paper, and calculator. You must bring a picture ID such as driver’s license or YSU ID.






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