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Lecture Notes

Chapter 1

The Nature of Probability and Statistics

Chapter 1 Notes


V1. Introduction [46:22]

V2. Producing Data  [45:02]

V3. Producing Data (Continued)  [14:31]








Chapter 2

Frequency Distribution and Graphs

Chapter 2 Notes 


V4. Descriptive Statistics - Histogram  [30:22]

V5. Descriptive Statistics - Bar charts, Scatter Plot, Time Plot  [31:16]







Use of SPSS (Creating Data File)

Learn Creating SPSS Data File Using Sample Data - Click here to view Sample Data (The followings are video clips for learning SPSS)

Other Video Clips for Data Processing

 SPSS Guide




Chapter 3

Data Description

Chapter 3 Notes 


V6. Measures of Center [25:26] 

V7. Measures of Variability [16:22]

V8. Empirical and Chebychev Rules, z-score [45:06]  

V9. Measures of Position - Percentiles and Quartiles [27:36]

V10. Five Number Summary and Boxplot [33:18]

V11. - Additional Example of making boxplot [15:08]

V12. - More Example on Boxplot [14:53]




Exam 1 Practice






Use of SPSS (Descriptive Statistics)

Learn SPSS From Using A Sample Data - Click here to download SPSS Sample Data file (The followings are video clips for learning SPSS)

- Mean, Standard Deviation, Histogram, Boxplot, Stemplot, Normality Test, etc.

- Frequency Table, Bar Chart, Pie Chart, etc.

- Scatter Plot

- Cross Tabulation (Contingency Table), Cluster Bar Chart

- Means for Subgroups and Side-by-side Boxplot


Videos for Time Plot (Two ways to do line chart):

Text instructions for descriptive statistics







Chapter 4

Probability and Counting Rules

Chapter 4 Notes


V14. Introduction to Probability [44:58]

V16. Additive Rules, Conditional Probability  [47:09]

V17. Multiplication Rules, Counting Rules [44:49]

V18. More on Counting Rules [45:43]        











Chapter 5

Discrete Probability Distributions

Chapter 5 Notes


V19. Discrete Probability Distribution [42:52]



V20. Variance of Discrete Probability Distribution [51:29]



V21. Binomial Probability Model [47:23]



V22. Solution to review problems [37:39]



V23. Solution to an Binomial Prob. Problem & Standard Normal Distribution  [47:20]







V24.   -  Review Problems for Exam I

V25.   -  Continued on Review Problems for Exam I

Review problems (extra problems from chapters 4, 5,and 6)




Chapter 6

Normal Distribution

Chapter 6 Notes


V26. Application of Normal Distribution [51:58]



V27. Application of Normal Distribution - Percentiles [48:27]



V28. -  One more example on Normal Probability [6:19]



V29. -  More Examples on Normal Distribution [37:05]

Practice Problems


V30. Sampling Distribution of the Mean [35:45]

(solutions in V29)







Chapter 7

Confidence Intervals and Sample Sizes

Chapter 7 Notes 


V31. Confidence Interval Estimation - Using z-score [38:52]

V32. Continue on Large Sample C. I. Estimation for Mean [32:25]


V33. Confidence Interval Estimation for Mean with t-score [48:30]

 Z and t tables


V34. Confidence Interval Estimation for Proportion [38:36]






Use of SPSS

      Confidence Interval Estimate for Population Mean







Use of SPSS

      Confidence Interval Estimate for Population Proportion








Chapter 8

Hypothesis Testing

Chapter 8 Notes 


V35. Test for Mean of A Population for Large Sample [48:45]



V36. Test for Mean of A Population for Large Sample (Cont.) [46:44]



V37. Test for Mean of A Population Using t-Distribution [34:19]



V37a  Inference on Proportions [26:26]

Notes - Inference on Proportions


Use of SPSS




V38. T-test Examples  -  Printable copy of t-test examples



V39. Review Problems Video   -  Printable copy of review problems








Chapter 9

Testing the Difference Between Two Means 



V40. Paired Sample t-test [8:27]






Use of SPSS








Chapter 10

Correlation and Regression

Chapter 10 Notes 


V41. Linear Correlation and Regression [44:45]



V42. More on Correlation and Regression [38:45]






Use of SPSS



   Pearson's Correlation Coefficient








Chapter 11

Chi-square Tests

Chapter 11 Notes 


V43. Goodness of Fit Test [14:59]  

V44. Chi-square test of Independence [22:30]


V45.  -  An Example of Chi-square Test for Independence(8:30) 

Chi-Squared Table





Use of SPSS









V46. Review for Final Exam [52:25]

Practice problems


V47. Review for Final Exam Continued [54:19]

-        Answers