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This web site provides you course materials and weekly study schedule for MATH 2625. Click on Syllabus link above to get the course information and learn how get to the related materials. Please finish the Assignment 0 in the Syllabus page as soon as possible, and then click on the Week links on the left side of this page to view the study plan starting from Week 1 to study the materials and to submit the assignments and quizzes before the due dates. If this web page is not displayed properly you may want to use a different browser such as Firefox or Google Chrome.


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MATH 2625 Course Content Page

List of Blackboard Assignments(Assignments 1 - 5 due on Blackboard)

Assignment 0: Syllabus/Blackboard/CONNECT. (Due Monday of Week 2)

Assignment 1: Article Reading. (Due Wednesday of Week 3)

Assignment 2: Descriptive Graphs by hand. (Due Wednesday of Week 4)

Assignment 3: Descriptive Statistics/SPSS.    [ Answers ]

(Part 1 Due Wednesday of Week 6; Part 2&3 Due Wednesday of Week 7)

Assignment 4: Inference on Mean and Proportion.    [ Answers ]

  (Due Wednesday of Week 11)

Assignment 5: Correlation and Chi-square Test for Independence. [ Answers ](Due Monday of Week 15)


* All assignments including CONNECT MATH are due at 11:00PM on the due date.


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