Project: A Research Report


A phone survey was conducted to understand the views of Mahoning County residents on the programs shown in a local TV station. You are asked to use the data collected from the survey to write a report to the local education department and also make a presentation. Phone calls were made to 400 randomly selected individuals and 302 responded to the survey.


Data Files:

·         SPSS data file - ViolenceTV.sav

·         EXCEL data file - ViolenceTV.xls


The survey questions are:

  1. Opinion on how violent are most of the TV programs?
  2. Age, in years
  3. Gender
  4. Marital Status
  5. Do you have child at home?
  6. Household Annual Income
  7. Education Level
  8. TV viewing time per week, in hours

Data values are labeled in the SPSS data file provided above.


You must use this data to answer some possible questions, such as,

You may generate your own questions. In your report, you must have both descriptive (tables, graphs) and inferential statistics (interval estimation, hypothesis testing).