SPSS Tutorial Page           


Data Directory (A link to some data files used in the following examples.)

SPSS Video Instructions (A link to SPSS video instructions page.)


SPSS Text Instruction and Examples

·         Instructions for SPSS

·         Brief Guide on SPSS

·         Exploratory Data Analysis (SPSS Version 16) (Graphs, normality test, descriptive measures, confidence interval, contingency table, ...)

·         Exploratory Data Analysis (older version of SPSS)

·         Contingency Table, Odds Ratio & Relative Risk

·         One Sample t-test for a population mean or proportion

·         Confidence Interval Estimation for A Proportion

·         Two Independent Samples t-test

·         Sign (Binomial) Test

·         Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test

·         Wilcoxon Rank Sum Test

·         One-Way ANOVA I, One-Way ANOVA II

·         Randomized Block Design Analysis

·         Two-Way ANOVA

·         Latin Square Design Analysis

·         One Factor Repeated Measures ANOVA

·         One Factor ANOCOVA

·         Regression (Simple and Multiple Linear Regression)

Ø  Description of SPSS Terms in Regression



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