Some Useful Links for CHS Introductory Statistics Course STAT 2601 and MATH 2625

·       STAT 2601 Syllabus:

·       STAT 2625 Syllabus:

·       Course Plan: (hours to cover for each topic)

·       Ohio Transfer Modules Statistics Course:  TMM 010 – Introductory Statistics

o   Must follow the learning outcomes in TMM 010 guidelines.

·       Goals for Introductory Statistics Course web site:

o   GAISE Report:  

·       Open Resources Textbooks: OpexStax Introductory Statistics


Other References:                                        

·       Statistics Course Material for Teachers:

·       EXCEL Statistical Inference:

·       R Instructions:

·       AP Instructors’ Corner:

·       Census at School:

o   From this web site, teachers and students can get a random sample of students from around the world including US for class activities. Students can also take the survey and be a part of the data in the data base.

·       CAUSE Project:

·       Project Rubrics Samples: 

o   AP Statistics Project Rubrics

o   Project Scoring Rubrics from UNG